Sarah Saunders

Head of Consumer Advocacy & Media

Sarah Saunders drives member and stakeholder communications as part of our Canberra-based Public Affairs operations.

Sarah brings a strong consumer perspective to Industry Super Australia as former editor of 50 something magazine and deputy chief executive of Australia’s over-50s lobby National Seniors.

For 15 years she has represented the views of older people in the media; on conference panels; at parliamentary committee hearings; and at national and international meetings including the UN Second World Assembly on Ageing.

Sarah has attended multiple federal budget announcements, and driven consumer-focused campaigns on issues such as pension adequacy, transparency in financial advice and the NDIS age limit.

She understands that how we eventually retire is shaped by a lifetime of interwoven factors, and warns against policy change in isolation.

Sarah is the recipient of several OPSO media awards and is a former Weekend Australian columnist. She has a Master of Arts (Hons) in political studies.