Better Banks Drive Productivity & Living Standards

Posted: Thursday 05 October, 2017

Australia’s banks are certainly failing to meet their obligations as custodians of the public good to drive growth and to raise community welfare. This is a long term problem. Public confidence in Australia’s banks has been steadily eroding since financial deregulation in 1983 and now the brand of the Big 4 banks, especially CommBank, is at its nadir.

What has gone wrong?

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  • Stephen Anthony, Chief Economist
  • Stephen Anthony,
    Chief Economist

  • It's time to get banks back to nation-building basics

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Wednesday 30 August, 2017

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  • High road of reform jettisoned in Budget

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Tuesday 30 May, 2017

    There is an old German proverb which says “Den Bock zum Gärtner machen” – don’t let a billy goat loose in the vegetable garden. The 2017-18 Budget - wringing with lost opportunity and weighed down by political opportunism – reminded me of this.

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  • Guilt & Gratitude

    Author: Sarah Saunders, Posted: Thursday 09 March, 2017

    How do women balance work and family and, at the end of it, still have enough to retire on, asks Sarah Saunders.

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  • Keep super calm and carry on

    Author: Robbie Campo, Posted: Wednesday 27 July, 2016

    As the world comes to grips with the shock referendum outcome in the UK, where voters narrowly backed an exit from the EU, short-term volatility has wiped trillions of dollars from the value of global stock markets.

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  • Designing a 21st century retirement income system requires a more thoughtful debate

    Author: David Whiteley, Posted: Thursday 17 March, 2016

    Tax expert Geoff Carmody argues that a flat-rate pension for all would be a cheaper, fairer, simpler and more efficient retirement income policy than the current mix of the age pension supplemented or replaced by super, bolstered by tax concessions.

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  • Can Stronger Economic Leadership Cure Our Short-Term Thinking?

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Tuesday 22 September, 2015

    The causes of Australia’s current economic malaise can be diagnosed as too little structural reform, not enough patient investment in high quality infrastructure, too much speculation on financial assets and real estate and too much reliance on ongoing monetary stimulus. The economic drift played out dramatically this week, with Tony Abbott unseated as PM and Malcolm Turnbull taking over with a pr...

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