• Better Banks Drive Productivity & Living Standards

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Thursday 05 October, 2017

    Australia’s banks are certainly failing to meet their obligations as custodians of the public good to drive growth and to raise community welfare. This is a long term problem. Public confidence in Australia’s banks has been steadily eroding since financial deregulation in 1983 and now the brand of the Big 4 banks, especially CommBank, is at its nadir.

    What has gone wrong?

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  • It's time to get banks back to nation-building basics

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Wednesday 30 August, 2017

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  • High road of reform jettisoned in Budget

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: Tuesday 30 May, 2017

    There is an old German proverb which says “Den Bock zum Gärtner machen” – don’t let a billy goat loose in the vegetable garden. The 2017-18 Budget - wringing with lost opportunity and weighed down by political opportunism – reminded me of this.

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  • Guilt & Gratitude

    Author: Sarah Saunders, Posted: Thursday 09 March, 2017

    How do women balance work and family and, at the end of it, still have enough to retire on, asks Sarah Saunders.

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  • Keep super calm and carry on

    Author: Robbie Campo, Posted: Wednesday 27 July, 2016

    As the world comes to grips with the shock referendum outcome in the UK, where voters narrowly backed an exit from the EU, short-term volatility has wiped trillions of dollars from the value of global stock markets.

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  • Designing a 21st century retirement income system requires a more thoughtful debate

    Author: David Whiteley, Posted: Thursday 17 March, 2016

    Tax expert Geoff Carmody argues that a flat-rate pension for all would be a cheaper, fairer, simpler and more efficient retirement income policy than the current mix of the age pension supplemented or replaced by super, bolstered by tax concessions.

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