• Driving super fund investment in agriculture

    Posted: June 2017

    This Industry Super Australia discussion paper responds to calls for the $2 trillion superannuation sector to invest in local agriculture and, in so doing, support regional development.

    This study concludes with policy recommendations not simply to stimulate discussion but to provide practical public policy direction for Australia’s maturing superannuation system.

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  • Options to lose: How "sales" become "choice" and the impact on superannuation return

    Posted: June 2017

    This new research report has found that when it comes to investment choice in superannuation, less is best.

    This Industry Super Australia (ISA) analysis of official ten-year APRA data, shows the best performing superannuation funds have a main default investment option and a small number of other investment options.

    In contrast, the worst performing funds are public-offer, and mostly bank-o...

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  • Rainmaker Consulting - Superannuation Industry Revenue Report 2017

    Posted: May 2017

    The major banks raked in nearly $9 billion in fees from Australian workers’ super nest eggs in 2016, new research by Rainmaker Information reveals.

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  • Performance Matters!

    Posted: Thursday 25 May, 2017

    ISA analysis of the latest APRA ten-year returns data at a sector and fund level provides key insights into the effectiveness of different models of superannuation.

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  • ATO SMSF Annual Briefing 2016

    Author: Stephen Anthony, Posted: February 22, 2017

    This briefing presents analysis on the latest ATO Annual report – Self-managed superannuation funds: A statistical overview 2014-2015 and explores the key issues arising from the release.

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